If your suppy chain gets darker, enlighten with Tag2Sense


Software and Hardware that is revolutionizing supply chain monitoring

Tag2Sense Sensor-Based Logistics Monitoring Platform is a combination of cutting-edge hardware and advanced software systems. Custom-Designed sensors are able to sense environmental factors such as temperature, light, humidity, barometric pressure, vibration, shocks and location. It transmits this data in near real-time providing an essential picture of what’s happening inside of the shipment. These hardware solutions are linked with unique software management programs and mobile applications to view, analyze, share and store the data. That’s why we call it as your “Black Box” in Logistics.

4 components of TAG2SENSE platform


You set the rules, it does the rest

Tag2Sense Track is a low-cost, easy-to-operate, smart device that can sense, store and transmits various environmental conditions. It works with Bluetooth Low Energy that ensures long battery life. Tag2sense device can sense temperature, humidity, vibrations, shocks (drops), light and pressure. Tag2sense has a unique patent-pending feature as called as “Tag & Work” that provides very fast mounting and automatic activation. Thus, tag2sense eliminates the possibility of operator mistakes as %100 due to forgetting activation of device. Device only creates events if the any sensor data is out of tolerance values that are determined by operator via Tag2Sense app.

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The easy-to-use app to give you mobility while you are doing what is important for you

The easy-to-use Tag2Sense app turns your tablets and smartphone into a remote to control all the Tag2Sense devices including detecting the ranges of tolerance values of the sensors before the journeys and gathering in-stored logs and events via Bluetooth Low Energy. The receiver uses the same app to check the shipped sensors and app transfer the recorded data automatically to the cloud-based service when the internet connection is on.



Customize different notifications and alerts so that you can keep an eye on what’s important to you.

The Dashboard lets you see what’s happening at your cargo when your products are on the go and analyze previous recorded information. The Cloud Platform includes a full data management solution to make logistics more cost effective. Using the Tag2Sense web application, shippers can set climate parameters across a wide range of measurements. Operator can access history of shipment’s information to analyze the chronic, repeating events that cause damages on the products during journey. Thus, they can intervene the initiative reasons to product losses, damages and high supply chain costs.


See everything real-time even location

You can see all details of your shipment data as available 24/7 real-time, from any location worldwide via Tag2Sense Bridge. Location matters for transportation. GPS module integrated Tag2Sense Bridge lets you know if you are assets goes off route with precise information. Moreover, Bridge collects data from the Tag2Sense Devices and transmits them to the network & cloud systems in order to make data monitored with Tag2Sense Dashboard as real-time. It uses cellular network to transmit collected data from devices to the cloud platform.